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Telephone Directory

Texas State Operators are available at the university's main number, 512.245.2111, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., to assist with transferring calls to any department or office across campus. 

The Campus Directory includes directory information for faculty, staff, students and departments.

When only five numbers beginning with a 5 are listed for a university phone number, the preceding numbers will be 512-24 (ex., 5-2111 is 512-245-2111).  When only five numbers beginning with 6 are listed, the preceding numbers will be 512-71 (ex., 6-4001 is 512-716-4001).

  • For the names of the administrators in these positions, visit the Administration and Faculty section of this handbook.



    Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs


    Vice President, University Administration 


    Vice President, Finance and Support Services 


    Vice President, Student Affairs


    Vice President, Information Technology


    Vice President, University Advancement


  • Dean, The Graduate College  512.245.2581

    Dean, The Honors College  512.245.2266

    Dean, College of Applied Arts  512.245.3333

    Dean, Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration  512.245.2311

    Dean, College of Education  512.245.2150

    Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication  512.245.2308

    Dean, College of Health Professions  512.245.3300

    Dean, College of Liberal Arts  512.245.2317

    Dean, College of Science and Engineering  512.245.2119

  • Administrative Office  512.245.4663 (HOME)

  • Additional contact information for residence hall staff is also on their website.

    Arnold Hall  512.245.2256
    Beretta Hall  512.245.2100
    Bexar Hall  512.245.2640
    Blanco Hall  512.245.2055
    Bobcat Village  512.245.1440
    Brogdon Hall  512.245.2213
    Butler Hall  512.245.2216
    Chautauqua Hall  512.245.1000
    College Inn  512.245.2270
    Falls Hall  512.245.1020
    First Five Freedom Hall (previously Angelina Hall)  512.245.1110
    Gaillardia Hall  512.245.1000
    Jackson Hall  512.245.2253
    Lantana Hall  512.245.2226
    Laurel Hall  512.245.2229
    Retama Hall  512.245.2231
    San Jacinto Hall  512.245.7676
    San Marcos Hall  512.245.3369
    Sayers Hall  512.245.1020
    Smith Hall  512.245.2256
    Sterry Hall  512.245.2237
    Tower Hall  512.245.2302
    Zamora O'Shea Hall (previously San Gabriel Hall)  512.245.1110